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Northern Cyprus Holidays In Kyrenia and Famagusta

Northern Cyprus is not just a holiday destination now. It is much more than that as a large number of tourists or the travelers even think of settling down here. If you are the one who is on look out for new holiday destination then you can book your Ercan flight today to go to the land of natural beauty, North Cyprus. This island, though a smaller one, is the best for cheap holidays.

You can spend lovely time in Famagusta and Kyrenia – the two most popular places which are liked by the tourists. If you are the one who wants to imbibe the beauty of the island of nature then you ought to come to this bubbling island where you can find so many naturist happenings. The island is gaining utmost popularity by leaps and bounds. The number of the tourists increases with days passing on. If you have never been to this beautiful island then you can pack your traveling bags this year and come here to enjoy your holidays in a way you would love to.

This gem island is the favorite of most of the UK holiday lovers and it really doesn't matter what your geographical location is. You can always book your flight to North Cyprus from any where at cheap rates as all flights to Larnaca or Ercan flights are not pricey. You can expect to spend your time in a beautiful manner in Bellapais monastery village, one of the most beautiful locations in Kyrenia (If you are in Kyrenia then you ought to spend your time here as you will get so very close to nature).

You will surely have the chance to see for yourself what nature actually can provide to its lovers. The number of visitors who are rushing to this place is increasing with each passing day.

This gem-island is so very popular now that a great number of the visitors or the tourists are coming here. Season doesn't matter. You can come here anytime. If you are thinking of coming here in the months of rainy seasons then you should know this that you will not find so many holiday lovers and thus you, if you want to be enjoy your holiday with all privacy, can spend your time on less crowded beaches and stay at cheat prices in hotels in Kyrenia and Famagusta hotels.

It is, in fact, a common thing that most of those who would like to go to the beaches would surely opt for Kyrenia beach holidays or Famagusta beach holidays in the months of hot summer so that they can make the best of their holidays. But those who want to keep themselves from the crows or those who would like to enjoy their holiday in seclusion or away from the hustle and bustle of their own city life come to this island for a few days holidays and live their life. It will definitely be a great experience of your life if you come here to one of the best holiday cities such as Kyrenia and Famagusta.

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Bellapais | Bellapais Holidays | Bellapais Village History

North Cyprus attractions were many. Out of the places we visited what fascinated us lot here was the You must visit North Cyprus Castles when you come here for the history of this island is very living... Still a part of the life of the people living in here, I suppose....

Stroll in the gardens here and you can see various kinds of Flowers of North Cyprus. Flowers are great in number here and my wife, really, was attracted to the beauty of them. There is really a message for us in every thing that nature offers us.

We really had a good, enjoyable time there and my wife felt so very glad that she was unable to contain herself or hide her joy at every place we visited there. If you too want to relive your life then take suggestion from me, your friend and become involved in caging or catching every beautiful moment of your life. Waste not any more time and decide sooner for Cyprus is ready to embrace you or enfold you into its beauty.....

Well, before you quit reading, one thing that I forgot to mention here is this that I am a golf lover and I thought I am gonna miss this but you know, I got a chance to play with the best of the golf players here who too were on their holidays here. Now Presently I am thinking of why not go for North Cyprus Golf Holidays next time?

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all inclusive holidays to cyprus | Cheap Summer Holidays

“NORTHERN CYPRUS, why to go?” My boss asked me. I said nothing but told him that my wife want to see myself there. My boss was reluctant not to allow me for such holidays for Cyprus but after a while said YES and next day I booked a cheap flight to Northern Cyprus (such cheap fights to Larnaca and cheap flights to Ercan made our trip). I was happy that I didn't have to pay so much of money. helped us. Really awesome.

Our first morning in Kyrenia North Cyprus was awesome. We went through the garden walls of our beautiful three star hotel in Kyrenia and reach to the gate to pick a taxi to go to one of the best Kyrenia beaches. Car Hire Kyrenia Services were available but we didn't take in the begining days of your vacation. We hired a car only after a week. We thought it would be much more pricey but to our surprise it was not just pricey and the services were just good.

We have seen so many beautiful places. Visited so many historical areas in Kyrenia and Famagusta. Spend a lot of our time on one of the best of the Kyrenia beaches and beaches in Famagusta. If you are desiring of spending your time in some lovely naturist place then Bellapais monastery village Kyrenia is the right place for one and all. If you are looking for a change and would like to come closer to your loved ones then book your Northern Cyprus Flight today.

I even forgot everything about my work. My work used to consume a lot of my time but when i was in Famagusta I forgot that I had been a workaholic guy sometime back in my past life. The place was what it was pictured by her friend Joanna. She was right. This place was really very beautiful. The picturesque location of the Kyrenia hotels or hotels in Famagusta were breathtaking. Five Finger Mountain Range was a sight to be hold. If you would like to a little about the architectural presence of this island then visit Famagusta Wall City adn see for yourself what you could not have discovered in your life time.

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Northern Cyprus – A beautiful tourist island

Northern Cyprus really Livened Up our feelings and we are now close to nature than ever before. Our Love for this island has now grown doubly. We are looking forward to come here again and again.

“I never visited such a beautiful place in my life,” exclaimed Joanna.

I was not at all listening to her but she kept telling us the same things again and again.

She said that her visit to North Cyprus, this beautiful island in Mediterranean region, has brought more and more love into her married life. She said she came even much closer to her husband. And that Cyprus package holidays really worked for them and this and that etc.

Joana and John has been married for five years. They are the best couple in our locality. They have a deeper understanding of each others' thoughts and love each other a lot. I have never seen anyone talking so much about their vacation. Recently, the couple had been to Northern Cyprus. (the name of such a holiday island, i had never heard). I knew nothing about this and in fact nothing used to drag me to enjoy myself. Well, it is true that I am workaholic. (I am rightly labeled as workaholic. I really love my work and it would not be wrong to say that I indulge in doing so).

Joana and wife Angela are close friends. After Joana's visit to this beautiful island she came to our home to say 'hi' but that 'HI' was too much to be taken. They had lunch with us and they told us the whole story as to what they had done there. Listening to all these things, my wife decided that she too wants to go to Northern Cyprus. (North Cyprus what a name of the island).

I had a lot of work to do at the office and specially when you ask for holidays during non-holiday seasons then you are going to receive a big No from your boss. My boss too was inquisitive when I told him that I wanted to take a leave of fifteen to twenty days.

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Northern Cyprus | Northern Cyprus Couple Holidays

Then I remember a friend of mine, right after his marriage with his tall girl friend went on a holiday trip for some fifteen days. I rang him up for I wanted to know something about his holiday- experience. He is one of my best pals who, I know, would not pass on any wrong information. I was really surprised when I heard him saying GO TO NORTH CYPRUS over the telephone. He said that his holiday destination was North Cyprus Kyrenia and he is again thinking of going there.

What more. I surfed on the net and got our tickets booked from one - one of U K's leading tour operator...but I didn't inform anything about it to my wife. We do not celebrate our anniversary with much ado we just used to have our lunch or dinner somewhere in an Italian restaurant for she likes Italian Food a lot. But this time I had some different plans.

I surprised her with the tickets in my hand as our anniversary gift. She was thrilled to bits. She said I read her mind and know her heart cravings. I think I really do for I love her a lot. The next day we were on the island itself.

Everything was preplanned. I wanted nothing to spoil our Trip to Cyprus for we were on holidays together after a long time. You can call our holidays North Cyprus Couple Holidays.

Kyrenia Cyprus is really a strikingly beautiful place and we both just got obsessed with its natural atmosphere, unadulterated by any thing or anyone. You too would love to spend your time there. We didn't face any problem there everything was just at beck and call.

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